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The poetry box is all about the free expression of poetry and sharing it with others. If you would like a box (or the blueprints for one) or know someone who would, just click on the button below and visit my ETSY shop to get yours.                                        


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Robert Frost Box Nears Completion

The Robert Frost Box is coming close to nearing completion. Artist Rebecca Gallagher says that, “..this box has so much meaning. I’ve included so many things about him, his life, his poetry.” Rebecca does such wonderful work on these boxes. I am looking forward to getting this one and taking it to the museum though I’m not sure with Covid if I might have to mail it now. Time will tell.

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Although this isn’t a terribly expensive operation it does cost some money. Things like paper, printer ink and materials for events add up over time. If you would like to make a contribution through PayPal to help keep the poetry box and events going, or to sponsor a box for your organization, please click on the button below.



 I believe in the power of poetry and well-crafted words. Red Brick Poetry seeks to daily connect people with power of poetry.

 I do this mainly through my unique poetry box outside my home in Crafton. I fill it weekly with free loose-leaf poems and books. By offering poetry in this inviting and non-academic way, folks feel more open to reading it and experiencing it.

In addition  I have three other boxes out in the world, #RedBrickPoetryBox2 at the Crafton Library #RedBrickPoetryBox3 at Carnegie Coffee Company #RedBrickPoetryBox6 at The Poe Museum in Richmond in the reading room and #RedBrickPoetryBox7 the Dickinson Museum. Two more boxes are being completed for installation as well.

I also do outreach events where I provide activities for adults and children along with free poems in a travel poetry box. I  always have an envelope of poems for when I travel to leave on tables and in cafes and so on. In addition poetry readings are just another thing I organize here in Crafton to connect folks to verse. I am always open to more ways too!

All I know is that no matter where someone is or what they are going through, there’s a poem for it  on which can be built a lifelong love of verse.

Red Brick Poetry– building a love of poetry from the ground up.


If you would like to reach me, either message me on Facebook (links on social icons) or email me:


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